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Toronto full house renovation experts.

There comes a time when you face one of two options: buy a new home or undertake a full house restoration of your current home. You might even just find a good deal on a house that needs a full renovation. No matter the reason, Koncept Building Group is here to help.

A Toronto full house renovation can improve your home life and reduce your living costs. When you renovate your home to meet your specific needs, it enhances your lifestyle.  When done properly, a home remodeling also increases your home’s value and equity. Contact us today to discuss options for your next home renovation project.


Here are some of our

Full House Renovation Services


Flooring & Baseboards

Upgrading the flooring or baseboards in your home can make a world of difference. We have you covered.


Painting & Finishing

Whether you need to refinish your stairs or add a new coat of paint to your walls, we know how to do it best.


And much more...

No matter what the project entails, chances are, Koncept Building Group can help. Contact us to discuss your project!

What to expect with a Toronto full house renovation.

When you do a Toronto full house renovation, your costs will break down among four general areas of improvement including the basement, bathroom, kitchem, and livingroom/bedroom.

A basement project assumes it is unfinished and has the standard concrete flooring and cinder-block walls that would need refinishing. Bathroom and kitchens costs can vary greatly based on the type and quality of materials you use. Designer materials greatly increase costs, but also increase the value of your home. Contact Koncept Building Group to discuss the options that are best for your budget.


We maximize your return on investment.

When you do a Toronto full house renovation properly, you can recoup anywhere from 40 percent to 80 percent of your investment cost via increased home value.

Through years of experience and a firm foothold in our industry, Koncept Building Group is able to provide you with the best in quality workmanship, knowledgeable staff, and modern materials to maximize the value of your home.

Contact us today! Our expert renovation specialists can provide a free consultation. We will prepare a plan and help you achieve your dream home at a budget you can afford.

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