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Our Renovation Services

Depending on the type of renovation and if you get timely guidance from an experienced Toronto renovation company like the Koncept Building Group, you should obtain all your home remodeling goals and stay within a well-prepared and reasonable budget amount. We can help you with these renovation projects:

Create your ideal Toronto home.

Koncept Building Group provides personalized and highly experienced guidance to ensure your newly remodeled home perfectly suits your needs.

We help you source high-quality renovation materials to give you the best value and results. Our Toronto renovation company also helps to source experienced and skilled installation experts to make every project first-rate.

From start to finish, we can help you design each step of your renovation, create a realistic budget, and meet your goals. Koncept Building group helps to minimize the time and cost while maximizing your potential enjoyment and value from your Toronto home renovation project.


Qualified & Experienced Professionals

We have your back!

If you are like half of all homeowners in Canada, you have a possible home renovation project on your mind.

The good news is the average cost of renovating homes in Toronto is going down. In 2019, the average home renovation project cost about $10,000 for mostly minor and some midgrade renovations.

The bad news is, without the guidance of a qualified and experienced Toronto renovation company, those costs can skyrocket. Koncept Building Group can provide you with timely advice and guidance from our experienced team. Saving you money, time, and helping you avoid lots of hassles.


Many great reasons to

Renovate your Toronto home.

Whether it is a condo, townhouse, or a traditional stick-built home, the first is to increase its value. Increased value adds up to greater home equity and a better return on your investment. The second and an equally important reason is to make it the ideal home for you. Different people have different needs from their homes.

Those who enjoy getting creative in the kitchen generally prefer a more elaborate layout than those who simply prepare regular family meals. If you like working on your own cars and enjoy powersports, you probably want a well-equipped garage. You also might want to redo the basement to add more useful living space.

Improved lighting, a better and more efficient bathroom, and an improved exterior all are among common reasons to tackle a home renovation. Koncept Building Group can take your renovation project to the next level.

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