We turn your empty basement into a liveable space.

Create a whole new space with a

Toronto Basement Renovation

The four seasons of weather in the greater Toronto area makes an unfinished basement downright inhospitable during the dead of winter. Not to mention the summertime humidity and heat. Koncept Building Group can make your home’s basement much more useful and comfortable with a finished basement.

Our Toronto basement renovation experts will help you turn your basement into a livable space while meeting your budget. Contact us for a free consultation.


Here are some of our

Basement Renovation Services


Tiles & Flooring

Choose from a variety of different flooring options to make your basement space more comfortable.


Drywall & Insulation

Most basements have no ceilings and cinderblock walls. We'll turn your basement into a livable space.


Kitchen & Bathroom

Looking for a full finished basement? We can arrange to install a full bathroom and kitchen to complete your basement.

What type of basement renovation do you need?

If you are looking to simply add a recreation room, your basement remodel will cost relatively little. It also will add relatively little to your home equity value. Toronto basement renovations that include a full bathroom, living space, and a bedroom may be more expensive, but they also increase your home’s value and provide a bigger return on investment.

There are some wild cards that could greatly impact your Toronto basement renovation costs. Unexpected costs like repairing the foundation or waterproofing the walls may take you by surprise. Koncept Building Group knows what to look for and can provide you with an accurate quote based on your needs and your home's condition.


The benefits of renovating your basement.

There are two great things about doing a high-quality Toronto basement renovation. The first is you greatly increase you living and use space. Your basement no longer simply is a storage space that mostly sits in the dark and maybe houses your clothes washer and dryer.

That leads to the second great thing about remodeling your basement. A good renovation adds real value to your home.  A good home renovation should return nearly half its investment in improved home value.

Koncept Building Group will help you accomplish all of your goals and make your basement a truly better place for your needs. Contact us today.

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